Upon completing your order you agreed to the terms and conditions of the
contract below (top left of Billing Page).

Linen Ladies, LLC
10 Bank Street- Suite 150
Cape May, N.J. 08204

We reserve the right to charge for any damage or loss to our linens,
baby rental items or beach rental items that has occurred during your use.
We have asked that you fill out and initial the inventory Return Receipt that was
included with your order and leave in one of your return bags. If we should find
missing pieces or damaged items (unusable and therefore unrentable)
we will charge the rental fee for the linen set or rental item that has
been damaged, lost or otherwise broken and therefore deemed
unusable to us. You will be notified of any charges.
Please note, LINEN LADIES of Cape May assumes no responsibility
and/or liability for any injury and/or accidents due to the use or
mis-use of any rental item.